Critical Role


Support Class was hired by Geek & Sundry to build a fully dynamic broadcast package for Critical Role, the world's most popular TTRPG livestream.


  • Display vital info about characters and combat
  • Robust, elegant controls
  • Keep the focus on the players!


The primary info area was built to animate between character sheets, biographies, custom messages from the production team, or switch to cameras showcasing dice rolls or miniatures.

Control Panels

Since DM Matt Mercer needed keep his focus squarely on the game, the dashboards were designed in order to make the producer's job of updating graphics as smooth as possible.

Portrait Templates

Nameplates featuring artwork by illustrator Kit Buss could communicate a number of status effects, so we built a variant generator to export assets and preview how they'd look on stream.

Support Class designer Chris Hanel with Critical Role GM Matt Mercer

More Features

Persistent character sheet management
Fully animated with sound cues
Flexible number of player nameplates
Animated low health indicator
Active turn indicators during combat


Oregon, USA