Competitive Hearthstone


Since 2017, Support Class has provided the broadcast packages for all of Blizzard Entertainment's competitive Hearthstone series, including Masters Tour, Grandmasters, and Battlegrounds Lobby Legends.


  • Deliver Blizzard-level production value
  • Automation of graphics and production flow based on game state
  • 'Tavern Buddy' Twitch extension for viewer engagement


Dynamic Graphics

Complex, data-driven infographics leveraging game logs and first-party APIs, requiring little to no input from producers

Caster Controls

Graphical features available to casters to fly-in to support their commentary and ensure viewers have the proper context for their analysis

Twitch Extension

With the Tavern Buddy extension, viewers could earn points by assembling a fantasy team of players and predicting events throughout the broadcast - and their points persisted throughout the entire broadcast year


Oregon, USA