Lateral with Tom Scott


Support Class has been a part of the production process for both iterations of Tom Scott's 'Lateral' - the limited series game show in 2018, and the podcast that premiered in 2022.

Game Show

For the inital game show, Support Class was tasked with pairing recorded footage with event logs to produce a full suite of automated graphics reflecting timers, scores, questions, and buzzer events. By leveraging Adobe's Motion Graphic Template feature set, SC engineered a script plugin for Adobe Premiere that used the logs to batch import hundreds of template instances into the show's timeline with a single click.


For the podcast, Support Class was responsible for delivering a reworked branding from the original, all the necessary intro and bumper animations, and a variety of broadcast layouts for remote panelists.
"Support Class designed the entire graphics package for 'Lateral' – from colour pallettes and background loops to transitions and video layouts. Behind the scenes, their MOGRTs for Premiere Pro saved us so much time in the edit, handling text layouts automatically so that they always looked great. We couldn't have done it without them!"

David Bodycombe, co-exec producer, 'Lateral'


Oregon, USA