About Us

Support Class was launched in 2014 to help produce live broadcasts with the highest quality graphics, workflows, and interactive content available. Since that time, we've partnered with numerous charities, game developers, esports organizations, and other companies to maximize their production value, minimize their stress, and find new ways to surprise and delight their audiences.

Want to work with us?

Broadcast Graphics

We design and engineer custom assets for our clients that elevate their presentation to its highest potential - with or without professional-grade hardware.

UI Design

We develop our asset control interfaces to match the needs of the client and their specifications, ensuring that every stream is as effortless as possible.

Live Events

Let us help you get your show off the ground - we offer services ranging from event logistics to presentation design, and can be available on-site as a part of your production crew.

Data Integration

Our design process prioritizes taking complex information - from wherever we can get it - and presenting it in a meaningful way to your viewers without overwhelming them.

Audience Interaction

We know how to keep your viewers engaged, whether it be through Twitch extensions, social media, live polling, Q&A management, contests and giveaways, or fully-fledged game shows or interactive experiences.

Big Ideas

If you have a concept in mind, but aren’t sure how it could be done, that’s where we excel - our diverse skillset and joy for problem solving makes us the ideal group to find the best solution.

Our Team

Chris Hanel


Jasmine Hruschak


Imani Harris

Project Manager

Dillon Pentz


Keiichiro Amemiya


Alexandre Breteau


Carlos Fernandez



Oregon, USA