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    Design and Engineering for Livestreams and New Media
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Live event? Game dev? Looking to branch into new media? We can help.

  • Live Production
  • Netcasting
  • Marketing Services
Motion Graphics

Dynamic elements, video intros, and custom solutions for your content.

  • After Effects
  • WebGL
  • Flash Animation

A professional look for whatever your project may be.

  • Logo Design
  • Merchandise
  • Product Design
User Engagement

Want interactivity? If you've got an idea, we know how to build it.

  • Game Development
  • Transmedia
  • Social Media

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Support Class's 3-person team has almost 25 years collective experience in production work, web development, and the gaming industry. We've served in a variety of creative and technical roles, working on teams of all sizes and budgets to deliver content for games, film, web, and print.

Summer Games Done Quick

Broadcast Package for charity fundraising
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The Project: We came aboard for the January 2015 event to deliver a complete overhaul of the event's livestream to bring it to a level of professionalism befitting its prominence. Besides obvious graphical upgrades, crucial information about the event remained invisible on the stream, including the total money raised, upcoming races, and prizes that could be won by donors. This design goal came with the caveat that any added complexity had to be controlled easily enough by the multiple shifts of tech volunteers assisting with the production.

How we did it: Starting from scratch, we used NodeCG to produce multiple layouts with consistent components, accomodating every variation necessary for races of 1-4 players of standard or widescreen ratio games, without sacrificing the delivery of information to the viewer. For the Summer 2015 event, we delivered a sports-ticker style lower third that communicated even more information about donor incentives, individually controlled timers for all runners, and a control scheme for sponsor advertisements.

Wildstar Livestream

Interactive and informative community engagement
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The Project: While working as the Cinematics Designer at Carbine Studios, Chris helped spearhead developing and producing the official livestream for the MMORPG WildStar, leading or assisting efforts with its content direction, overall look, and day-to-day production. The result was a stream that served to set the bar for production value when it came to developer outreach and education.

How it was done: With the support of Carbine's development, community, and marketing departments, the relatively small livestream team was able to produce a wide variety of content on a regular basis, helping to support multiple promotional initiatives with content that went beyond talking head interviews and direct gameplay demos. WildStar's Twitch channel showcased marathon events, visually engaging deep-dives, meaningful Q & A sessions, and direct involvement with the WildStar community.

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Nexus Report

Logo design for Wildstar's weekly news stream

UI Infographic

Unreleased animation demonstrating WildStar's UI extensibility

WildStar Flicks

Chris provided capturing and post-production on Carbine's flagship marketing campaign

Sir Scoots

Video Intro and Fully Featured Overlays
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The Project: Scott "SirScoots" Smith is a veteran of the esports industry, working on both sides of the camera to produce some of the largest events around. Our job was to overhaul his personal Twitch channel, and give it the same level of sophistication and polish that you'd find in his other content.

How we did it: Along with a full package of new sub alerts, audience polling, and dynamic break screens, we used Source Filmmaker and assets from the Steam Workshop to create a video intro showcasing the world of Scoots After Dark. The music was produced by Danny Baranowsky (Crypt of the Necrodancer), with vocals by the Australian comedy group Tripod.

Our team

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Chris Hanel
Chris Hanel
Chris served as Senior Cinematics Designer on the MMO WildStar -- working on in-game content, promotional videos, and helping to produce and direct WildStar's official livestream. He's also worked in filmmaking, visual effects, and web dev roles throughout his career.
Jasmine Hruschak
Jasmine Hruschak
Business Manager
Jasmine is a veteran of the gaming content world - producer, show host, social media manager, and blogger. She also served as a journalist and livestreamer for AOL's Massively.com. She knows great talent when she sees it, and keeps our schedules sane.
Alex Van Camp
Alex Van Camp
Alex is one of the two developers behind NodeCG: an open-source live graphics platform intended to put broadcast-quality graphics in the hands of every broadcaster on Twitch. He also has years of experience in live event production, specializing in esports.

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